What's The Best Comment System For A Blog?

A year ago, I had no idea there were even such things as comment systems for your blog. I figured the one that was automatically attached to it was the only option I had. Being on Blogger, I was naively going about my blogging business when one day, out of nowhere, the comments glitched out on me! And what I mean by "glitched out" is that the old comments disappeared and new ones refused to show up. I also was met with a few spammy-type posts from a couple anonymous users. This just wouldn't do.

So, the Google search began. "What's the best comment system for a blog?." I was met with a slough of answers from various sources, bringing a consensus of three main plugins.

Instacanv.as Gallery Now Open! @instacnvs

When I first discovered Instagram, it was like a dream come true. The simplicity and smoothness of this little app has helped take my blog to another level, as I wrote about in my article "5 Ways Instagram Can Help Your Blog". However, the question with this wonder-app has always been how can it be monetized? Well, the answer has arrived in the form of Instacanv.as

Unfortunately, I can't take credit for discovering this intriguing website. Once again the mighty Triberr led me to a new blogger who's Atomic Tribe I joined and now follow closely, Jessica Ann. Jessica's article entitled "How To Monetize Photos On Instagram" caught my attention immediately (as does almost anything to do with Instagram), and turned out to be a great read with some valuable information (literally). 

Steam Feed: Marketing, Social Media & Tech From The Professionals

Just this past week, two blogging buddies of mine from Triberr - DJ Thistle (@DJThistle) and Daniel Hebert (@DanielGHebert) started a new website called Steam Feed.

If you're tired of stumbling around the Internet, being misled by faceless, john-doe nobodies who claim to be "gurus" of Marketing, Social Media or Tech.. Then Steam Feed is for you! DJ and Daniel are doing away with the amateur content that floats around the web like a bad rumor in gym class, and have brought in the professionals to give you the real information you seek.

New YouTube iOS App Now Available

With the new mobile operating system for Apple's devices set to roll out later next week (iOS 6), which will be minus the integrated YouTube app that came with previous versions, Google has planned ahead. Only one day before the iPhone 5 was revealed to the world, Google launched it's new YouTube for iOS app in preparation of the imminent void. Obviously this was a smart move on Google's part, and may help cushion the blow to millions of people who may not have heard about the previous integrated app being left out of iOS 6.

The truth is, this was probably a long time coming and a very welcome addition to the iPhone app lineup. The stale, old-television-icon-version was never very satisfying and clearly lacked the smoothness and continuity that Google products are known for. Which makes sense, given that Google had nothing to do with the original. 

Where Do You Host Your Blog?

For years I have been buying domains and hosting with GoDaddy, since a friend of mine had used it for his website and I really didn't know any better. Until recently, this arrangement worked fine and I never really had any problems with GoDaddy's service. This has changed over the last year after encountering numerous glitches and problems, leaving a couple of my sites down and sketchy at best. I had heard that they were having some problems and possibly even hacked into by some no-good-doers. So, it didn't surprise me when again some of the websites were not showing up or linking elsewhere earlier this week (I don't think I've had any problems with sitebymack.com, yet).

Will You Buy The New iPhone 5?

Well, one of the most anticipated days in the tech world has come and gone. For those of you who don't know, Apple revealed their latest version of the their mobile phone, the iPhone 5 this morning. 

At first glance you may not see many differences with between the new phone and the previous models iPhone 4 and 4s. However, if you see them side-by-side you will quickly notice that the iPhone 5 is slightly longer and has a larger screen as well. With a new A6 processor chip and a handful of camera related upgrades being the big changes, it looks as though this new iPhone will again lead the way in the mobile market. 

How To Get A Refund From The Mac App Store

If you didn't know, Apple has a great little deal for people headed back to school with education pricing on their computers. With my student ID I was able to save just over $50 on my new MacBook Pro. Not only that, but I was handed a $100 Apple gift card, able to purchase apps for my Mac, iPad, iPhone or music from iTunes for all my devices. Thanks Apple!

I won't lie, I've never had a credit card tied to my Apple account. Usually if I buy anything it's through gift cards or pre-paid credit cards. Since I've only recently completely switched over to Apple devices, I haven't had much experience dealing with their stores or customer service. My previous post about the first impression I had with visiting an Apple store, and my MacBook, I mentioned that I'd heard only good things about both. The customer service was another thing I had heard was top notch, and although I would rather never have to deal with any problems at all, this is the real world and we all need some help from time to time.